DJI Mavic Series – Drones & Accessories

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – it is an aircraft that does not have a human pilot aboard.  It is automated and is generally handled by using a remote controller. Sometimes, a ground-based controller is used as a system of communication between the two.  They are either functioned by a human operator or onboard computers. Drones are classified on several bases including drones for photography, drones for air mapping and drones for surveillance. Drones for photography purpose captures still images and video. These drones are operated by remote or autonomous unmanned vehicles. There are some best drones for aerial photography in the market. With 4k cameras, smooth stabilization, intelligent flight modes, and exceptional camera settings. Some of the best photography drones are as follows-

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI’s Mavic Pro was released in 2016. It has changed the perception of what a good photography drone should be like. It has a decent quality lens and does not put too much pressure or adds to the volume or weight of the drone. It is one of the most sold drones in the market. The aerial imagery is stunning and gives the best results. With powerful motors and speed control system, it is installed with quiet propellers.  The sensors are omnidirectional and provide excellent object tracking. The device is very portable.  It has an optical zoom feature on the zoom model.  The drone has some great software features. And though it is expensive, it promises durability and longer life.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone captures amazing 20 megapixel still photography and 4K UHD video.  This drone has a special 4k resolution feature. It has many intelligent flight modes. These modes enable the drone to fly separately so that one can work on a 4k video camera. The Phantom 4 Pro drone has outstanding flying stability and gives the sharpest and clearest 4K video. It can also detect obstacles in five different directions, which make it even more special. This technology helps in preventing collision by the use of Phantom 4 Pro Vision, Ultrasonic and Infrared sensors. This is why Phantom 4 Pro with autonomous flight modes make this drone a must buy. If you are thinking about purchasing a DJI Mavic series drone. Comparing DJi Mavic Pro & Maci Air on This advanced technology makes the drone photography experience terrific. One can concentrate on filming the video through different angles and shots which is usually difficult to work with. 

DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is a spectacular technological accomplishment. It is an unbelievably competent drone that is the only flying camera anyone could ever need. The drone consists of front, downward and back-facing distance sensors.  These sensors help identify obstacles. They do not only warn the controller but also avoids a collision with a wall or tree if necessary.  The battery life of this drone is 21 minutes. One can use spare batteries when using this drone.

Mavic Mini FlyCam Aerial Photography Drone

This is the newest and one of the top photography drones by DJI.  Mavic Mini FlyCam Aerial Photography Drone is a palm-sized drone with some tremendous camera technology packed inside.  The price of this mini drone is low, hence this makes it one of the best drone choices available in the market. This drone was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the audiences who preferred buying small, portable drones for photography uses. It weighs exactly 249 grams. The size of this drone also varies from country to country.  The Mavic Mini drone weight is 199 grams in Japan.

This name was suggested because of its primary component which is its miniature flying camera. The Mavic Mini has a GPS, camera, autopilot and many more modes.  The main features of Mavic Mini Main are that it has 30 minutes of flight time. It has a dual GPS and GLONASS navigation system.  It is lightweight and easily portable. Its wind speed resistance is 17.9 mph.  It has a special Cinesmooth flight mode.  The camera installed in the drone is of top-quality and guarantees the best picture quality. Mavic Mini Aerial Photography Drone is very affordable. The latest model of the Mavic Mini was released in 2019. One can check out its prices, along with some best Mavic Mini Combos online.

PowerVision PowerEye

PowerEye drone has interchange cameras. It is a perfect example of being one of the most beneficial drones to customers in the market. It sets a high standard, making its counterparts to search for ways to match its quality and resistance.  It carries a Micro-4/3rd camera. The 4K is good.  There are two batteries supplied each split and have manually folding arms. This helps in carrying it in a travel case when going to different places. The control application and remote directions are less complex which makes it easy for someone to control.  It has fewer software features, hence it makes the job simpler.

Best Wireless Router Guide For Beginners: IP

Do you think that you can do without internet? Or as a matter of fact do you think that anyone can do without internet? You know the answer yourself! There is almost nothing in the world that nowadays works without the help of the internet. It is one of the greatest technical bones of our times. There is completely no doubt in the fact that in order to channelize internet you will need the help of a very important tool. And this particular tool is none other than that of the router. Yes a router is one of the most important tools that will help you get through with your internet connection in the most efficient way. IP address is one of the most popular addresses which is used by huge list of router’s manufacturers. In what purposes can you use it? It is can be used to enter in router’s web-interface which is usually called as admin panel. www 192.168.o.1 web-interface can be used by different routers users in configuration of router. There are a lot of settings that can be changed by advanced users. Main settings are responsible for security, because there are a lot of ways how to lose your personal information and few numbers of ways how to save it.

One of the best types of routers that you can get for yourself is definitely that of the wireless one. There are many advantages of these wireless routers of course! But then again are you absolutely a shot of the fact that you know how to select from the best? You must in fact make sure that you are buying the best wireless routers only after proper selection. But then again how will you actually select the best wireless routers for yourself? Well there are few important points which you can take care of while doing the same. Understand these points properly and you can get through with the best wireless routers for yourself.

Selecting good wireless routers:

Following are the best points that you can look for when it comes to selection of the best wireless routers:

Look at the speed:

The speed of connecting and spreading the internet is very necessary for the router. And this is exactly what people must look for no matter what. There is completely no doubt in the fact that getting through with the speed is very much necessary for the people because it will help them understand that how fast a router can connect to the internet and ensure that it is actually being utilised properly.

The distance it covers:

You must also understand that what is the amount of distance that this particular wireless router can actually reach up to. This is also one of the most important things that you can come across with no matter what. The distance is so very important because of the fact that it will help you understand that which room that you can be next to the one with the router is in order to get to with speedy internet connection.

How To Install and Download Tubemate For PC

You should simply download the assortment of videos which you like to watch offline too. It is possible to easily download and save the video from the web. After the video becomes downloaded, it is going to be saved on your smartphone's SD card so it can be prepared to view. Also, there's no direct way of downloading videos from any other social networking site.

Everybody was prepared to see the videos on wider screen than in the smaller one which offers you an amazing experience. Every video you play is going to have a green button. It is possible to download numerous videos at exactly the same time.

By which you'd be in a position to download videos from YouTube instantly. Now you may download and watch videos in HD quality with no buffering. When connecting is finished, choose the video you would like to transfer and they're going to show up on your Android device in minutes. By using TubeMate for ios, you may download any videos in various formats and various qualities.

To help it become possible you first have to have the android emulator set up on your laptop. Android emulators are a breeze to discover over the net, some are free, some paid. You are able to google for Android Emulator for desktop and you're going to be greeted with a lot of emulators.

Now you are going to be in a position to run the TubeMate app on your Computer, have a very good day and revel in the great job you just did! TubeMate PC app has become the most popular and preferred video downloader application which lets you enjoy watching all types of videos.

To my best knowledge, the idea to 'Build your own laptop' hasn't really been supported by manufacturers so far

You'll have a hard time finding parts to build your own laptop from scratch ... You may be in for a rough ride. You can easily order a custom built laptop or customize a brand name manufacturer's laptop... but you cannot easily build you own laptop. There're no established supply channels to do this. And that is why it's very rare to see step-by-step guides on how to build your own laptop. Of course, parts like the hard drive and memory you can easily get up-to-date. But you'll have a hard time getting the right chassis, hinges, motherboard, LCD screen, touchpad and so on. And even if you get them, most likely they'll be used parts and outdated. For the same total price you can get a complete outdated laptop.

Laptop parts

There are few places that specialize in laptop parts, and you can try them but you'll find out that the selection is very limited ... and you won't be able to build an up-to-date Pentium 4 or equal laptop. Still, try these:

Laptop Parts & Upgrades - Large warehouse of parts available for your laptop. Priority Computer Parts - Replacement parts for laptops. Hard to find and older items.

Laptop repair

Some other places that specialize in laptop repair may have more parts but they'll be used and most won't be for sale but for replacement or repair only. But if they have a surplus or an overstock, they'll sell it to you. Try these places:

Excel Computer - They stock 1,000’s of laptop parts and they are available for immediate delivery. Laptop Repair - Discount repair on all brands, free estimates. *You won't be able to buy Dell parts from Dell or IBM parts from IBM... Also, try to shop for laptop parts on Ebay or; here's what I've found on which is kind of interesting ... they sell a complete laptop chassis equipped with motherboard, fan, mouse pad, sound card, speakers etc. Build your own laptopNEW Gateway SOLO 2150 Chassis

Pentium III Motherboard

This is a new & tested Gateway 2150 chassis. It has a 14.1" LCD bezel assembly: Front and back bezel, hinge cover, latch releases, metal framing, video inverter board and all cables. Takes a Gateway Solo 2150 14.1" LCD Screen, part number LP141XA. Top and bottom chassis case with memory cover. Motherboard with tin plates, modem cable, pcmcia module with covers, 2 speakers with covers, sound board, bridge battery, fan assembly, on/off bezel & board. Will sell with or without floppy drive, touchpad or LCD cables. Mention if you want these parts when making an offer. This item is new and great for parts, or adding parts to complete your own Pentium III system.

Give it a shot!

... But if you find yourself overwhelmed with this idea then you may want to explore these options:


Getting a custom built laptop

Now, here you can choose from a few fine companies that specialize in custom laptops. They'll have plenty of options for you to choose from. Go to my resource page for more information on how to build your own laptop through customization.

Custom built gaming laptop

Specialty gaming laptops are usually loaded with features and could be more expensive. Check these companies that specialize in gaming laptops: voodoo, alienware. ...Or see how you can build your own laptop gaming system for less.

Using A USB Replicator

USB Port Replicator?! Sound like a scary word? Don't be scared, using a port replicator is even simpler then installing a docking station! It's the hottest thing around now. The cheapest laptop is the cheapest laptop. It doesn't come with many options. But by using a USB replicator you could enhance it with additional ports and features, and make it look like a $2000 laptop. I can show you how to do it the cheapest way around ... Interested? Then read on.

What is a Port Replicator?



A piece of hardware that stays on your desk while you travel with your laptop. When USB Port Replicatoryou return, you can plug the replicator into your laptop and at the same time connect all the devices that you want your laptop to support. The Replicator is a scaled down version of a Laptop Docking Station (see my guide). But you don't snap your laptop into it; instead it connects to the USB port on your laptop by its USB connector. Then you connect peripherals to the replicator.

How will a port replicator help to enhance your laptop?

The essential purpose of the USB Replicator is to create many 'replicas' of your laptop's USB port - as it says in its name. Then you, in turn, use these 'replicas' to plug in multiple peripherals that support a USB connection. In order to connect the USB port replicator itself, all you need is one USB port on your laptop. Even the cheapest laptops come with at least one USB port. An average replicator has multiple USB ports built-in, and it allows you connect all or most of your USB devices which was not possible if you had only one USB port on your laptop. You can connect your printer, your scanner, your handheld, your digital camera, a joystick, an external CD or CDRW or DVD drive, any other drive that support a USB connection, a flash memory drive, a flat panel monitor, an Internet modem, and, of course, a keyboard and a mouse.



So, as you can see a USB port replicator can be used similarly to the docking station to turn your laptop into a mobile system for convenience and portability. If you need to take your laptop with you then just unplug the replicator from your laptop... when you come back home just plug it back in. You'll never have to connect or disconnect all of those devices again. Most importantly, you can connect many more devices, and all at the same time. A USB port replicator often called USB Hub. One USB hub is different from another; some stock up from 4 to 7 USB ports, some also carry other types of ports. Some can even be joined to each other to multiply the number of ports available. Here is an example from Iogear USB Slimline MicroHubIogear - GUH174 - 4-port USB Slimline MicroHub Iogear's 4-port USB Hub allows you to expand a single USB port to 4 ports, and yet it is small enough to fit into any tight space. One USB cable that can be easily tucked away is included, for your convenience. It supports data transfer rates of up to 12Mbps (1.5MB/sec). Do I need to worry about comparability between different versions of USB replicators - USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0? Not really. If your USB replicator is of version 2.0 than it'll support all previous versions. The USB 2.0 devices support all three data-transfer rates: 1.5 Mb/s (v. 1.0), 12 Mb/s (v. 1.1) and 480 Mb/s (v. 2.0), meaning that they are fully backward compatible with earlier versions for consumers’ investment protection.

The USB 1.1 devices support both the 1.5 Mb/s and 12 Mb/s rates. So, for example, if your USB 2.0 digital camera connected to your laptop through the USB 1.1 replicator it'll work but with a lower transfer rate of 12 Mb/s. Which peripherals are designed to work best with the latest USB 2.0 replicators? Most of the following USB devices are now available with the highest USB transfer rate (v 2.0) of 480 Mb/s (or at least with 12 Mb/s):

Digital cameras

CD-ROM burners

DVD drives

Flash memory cards (flash drives)


Which peripherals are designed to work with slow USB transfer rates?

These peripherals operate at slower speeds because they do not need fast data-transfer rates. (And if they supported such performance, it would add considerably to their cost to the consumer.) These include:




They operate at the two lower data-transfer rates of either 1.5 Mb/s or 12 Mb/s.