DJI Mavic Series – Drones & Accessories

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – it is an aircraft that does not have a human pilot aboard.  It is automated and is generally handled by using a remote controller. Sometimes, a ground-based controller is used as a system of communication between the two.  They are either functioned by a human operator or onboard computers. Drones are classified on several bases including drones for photography, drones for air mapping and drones for surveillance. Drones for photography purpose captures still images and video. These drones are operated by remote or autonomous unmanned vehicles. There are some best drones for aerial photography in the market. With 4k cameras, smooth stabilization, intelligent flight modes, and exceptional camera settings. Some of the best photography drones are as follows-

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI’s Mavic Pro was released in 2016. It has changed the perception of what a good photography drone should be like. It has a decent quality lens and does not put too much pressure or adds to the volume or weight of the drone. It is one of the most sold drones in the market. The aerial imagery is stunning and gives the best results. With powerful motors and speed control system, it is installed with quiet propellers.  The sensors are omnidirectional and provide excellent object tracking. The device is very portable.  It has an optical zoom feature on the zoom model.  The drone has some great software features. And though it is expensive, it promises durability and longer life.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone captures amazing 20 megapixel still photography and 4K UHD video.  This drone has a special 4k resolution feature. It has many intelligent flight modes. These modes enable the drone to fly separately so that one can work on a 4k video camera. The Phantom 4 Pro drone has outstanding flying stability and gives the sharpest and clearest 4K video. It can also detect obstacles in five different directions, which make it even more special. This technology helps in preventing collision by the use of Phantom 4 Pro Vision, Ultrasonic and Infrared sensors. This is why Phantom 4 Pro with autonomous flight modes make this drone a must buy. If you are thinking about purchasing a DJI Mavic series drone. Comparing DJi Mavic Pro & Maci Air on This advanced technology makes the drone photography experience terrific. One can concentrate on filming the video through different angles and shots which is usually difficult to work with. 

DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is a spectacular technological accomplishment. It is an unbelievably competent drone that is the only flying camera anyone could ever need. The drone consists of front, downward and back-facing distance sensors.  These sensors help identify obstacles. They do not only warn the controller but also avoids a collision with a wall or tree if necessary.  The battery life of this drone is 21 minutes. One can use spare batteries when using this drone.

Mavic Mini FlyCam Aerial Photography Drone

This is the newest and one of the top photography drones by DJI.  Mavic Mini FlyCam Aerial Photography Drone is a palm-sized drone with some tremendous camera technology packed inside.  The price of this mini drone is low, hence this makes it one of the best drone choices available in the market. This drone was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the audiences who preferred buying small, portable drones for photography uses. It weighs exactly 249 grams. The size of this drone also varies from country to country.  The Mavic Mini drone weight is 199 grams in Japan.

This name was suggested because of its primary component which is its miniature flying camera. The Mavic Mini has a GPS, camera, autopilot and many more modes.  The main features of Mavic Mini Main are that it has 30 minutes of flight time. It has a dual GPS and GLONASS navigation system.  It is lightweight and easily portable. Its wind speed resistance is 17.9 mph.  It has a special Cinesmooth flight mode.  The camera installed in the drone is of top-quality and guarantees the best picture quality. Mavic Mini Aerial Photography Drone is very affordable. The latest model of the Mavic Mini was released in 2019. One can check out its prices, along with some best Mavic Mini Combos online.

PowerVision PowerEye

PowerEye drone has interchange cameras. It is a perfect example of being one of the most beneficial drones to customers in the market. It sets a high standard, making its counterparts to search for ways to match its quality and resistance.  It carries a Micro-4/3rd camera. The 4K is good.  There are two batteries supplied each split and have manually folding arms. This helps in carrying it in a travel case when going to different places. The control application and remote directions are less complex which makes it easy for someone to control.  It has fewer software features, hence it makes the job simpler.

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

The Yuneec Typhoon H Plus has six rotors and generous extras. This makes it a capable camera drone.  The still is supported by a stable sized rotor frame. The landing legs facilitate a 360-degree lens rotation. There are a bargain feature and object tracking software that prevents collisions. The remote controller is of 7 inches, and offer extra battery which makes is a great deal. It is very consumer-friendly. Photography with the use of a drone often facilitates a first-person perspective or view which otherwise is impossible to achieve.